The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods

The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods

Feed Your Feelings Well

You know that fruits and vegetables are good for you. They’re great for your physical health. But did you know that colorful foods can also enhance your thoughts and feelings?

The Food Color – Emotional Energy Connection

In this fascinating book of healthy eating tips, you will discover how colors of foods feed the energy of feelings. Eating foods whose colors are similar to the colors of emotions can help support different feelings that become imbalanced by stress. For example, if you want to feel more grounded and more secure, eat some red-energy foods like strawberries, beets or tomatoes. How about more sensuality or creativity? Orange-energy yams, honey and oranges will enhance and stimulate. Maybe you wish you felt more intuitive and more confident to make good decisions. Blueberries could fill the need for the blue-energy food your insecurity has been craving.

Enhancing Trust, Sensuality, Self-Confidence, Love, Forgiveness, Intuition and Spirituality

The beauty of The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods is that it helps you identify the color of your emotional needs and pick foods and recipes that empower your feelings.

  • Each chapter features a different food color and its influences on your emotions
  • For each color, you will find recipes, affirmations, exercises and fascinating food trivia
  • Beautiful illustrations and photos make everything easy to understand
  • You’ll even learn how to throw your own Rainbow Foods Party™, complete with Rainbow Shooters™, appetizers and the Rainbow Card Game™, engaging your friends in the secrets you have learned!