The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods

Food Colors Can Enhance Feelings and Emotions

You know fruits and vegetables are good for you. They’re great for physical health. But did you know they can also help promote emotional health and enhance feelings? Every color of the foods we see in the produce section of the market has the ability to to treat feelings and emotions to subtle changes for the better! And isn’t that great news?

The new book, The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods: Enhancing trust, sensuality, self-confidence, love,  forgiveness, intuition and spirituality (published by Balboa Press) by authors Patricia Dennis and Charlotte Lyons is a guide to enhancing emotions with fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is based upon the ancient East Indian Chakra System – the belief that the body has internal energy centers along the spine that emit a different color for each emotion. Matching food colors to the color of emotions can help energize them.

Part One explains the emotion-color connection and invites the reader to select a color.

Part Two comprises seven different color chapters: red, orange, yellow, green aquamarine, purple and violet. Each chapter opens with the emotional and spiritual dynamics of a color, continues with food fun, trivia and color coordinated vegetarian recipes created by Charlotte Lyons and ends with affirmations, exercises and meditations.

Part Three, “Playing With Rainbow Foods,” utilizes all fruit and vegetable rainbow colors. It includes throwing a Rainbow Foods Party with Rainbow Shooters and a Rainbow Card Game so that everything gleaned from the book is applied in a fun, interactive way.


Discover The Food Color-Emotion Connection

In addition to healthy food tips for feelings and emotions,  you will discover how the  vibrations of colors feed the energy of feelings. Here are  a few examples. Let’s say you want to feel more grounded, safe and secure, able to move ahead in life. Knowing red is the color that promotes that feeling, you choose some red-energy foods like strawberries, beets or tomatoes. Or perhaps you want to be more open, feel more sensual, more light hearted, more creative. Knowing orange is the color of those feelings, you choose an orange energy booster like yams, oranges, honey or cinnamon. Maybe there is someone in your life you haven’t forgiven. It could be yourself. Knowing green is the color that feeds those feelings, you choose a green smoothie or green veggies to munch on.

 A Secret The Authors Couldn’t Keep To Themselves

In today’s fast-paced society with numerous technological distractions, namely cell phones, people often become distracted from being fully engaged or present with food. Appreciation of color, texture, aroma and even taste are neglected for lack of interest or time. Learning a new way to look at food, appreciating it as an empowering tool, can make you more mindful and inspired to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

According to the authors, “Chaos in the world around us can make us feel stressed, weakening our inner emotional and spiritual strengths. A book that empowers readers to support their feelings through the colors of foods is fascinating as it is valuable.”

The beauty of The Secret Powers of Colorful Foods is that it helps you be mindful of your emotional needs and pick foods and recipes that empower your feelings.

  • Each chapter features a different food color and its influences on your emotions
  • For each color, you will find recipes, affirmations, exercises and fascinating food trivia
  • Beautiful illustrations and photos make everything easy to understand
  • You’ll even learn how to throw your own Rainbow Foods Party™, complete with Rainbow Shooters™, appetizers and the Rainbow Card Game™, engaging your friends in the secrets you have learned!